Happy Birthday Kelly.

It’s Kelly’s birthday today. For weeks she has been dropping hints that she wants a new kitchen food mixer.


8 responses to “Happy Birthday Kelly.”

  1. Oh dear. You need to check out the spoon guy on Facebook who hand carves spoons and other stirrers. Adelaide based i think ….

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    1. Oops no hes in Toowoomba. Spoonguy.au on fb. Does classes too ….


  2. Sandra Greensill Avatar
    Sandra Greensill

    Oh dear. I have been following you for ages but never commented. Happy birthday Kelly. Ian I think you are about to find out what the term ‘world of pain’ is all about 🥺😂


  3. Happy birthday Kelly.
    You’re a brave man Ian, you have just stirred up a lot of trouble

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  4. Happy Birthday Kelly!. Ian your about to discover what Kelly can do with the Wooden Spoon!!

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  5. Happy Birthday, Kelly

    Good luck with sleeping on the sofa, Ian 🙂

    PS: At least it’s beechwood.

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  6. Dare I say it…..you are such a stirrer 🤣

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