Poll: New Logo?

One quick question.

Im in a bit of a writing slump at the moment. So whilst I am waiting for my creative muse to re-engage, I am thinking of changing out my logo. A fresh change is as good as a holiday right?
I would greatly appreciate your input.



What do you think. Keep the existing, swap out for the new or back to the drawing board for something else….

6 responses to “Poll: New Logo?”

  1. I think the older one is a bit easier to grasp in the millisecond that people usually spend when they see a logo – but the newer one is more eye-catching.

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  2. I don’t mind either but I often wonder where the name Shojiwax comes from.

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    1. Happy with either, I just enjoy reading your post

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    2. Hey Dechen.
      Actually Shojiwax is just a made up word.
      Shoji = japanese paper sliding screens you may have seen. It also means life and death.
      Wax = you know…..wax.

      So I just made it up. Hope that isn’t too disappointing!


  3. I like both Ian. But I prefer the older one 🙂

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    1. Thanks, Caroline.
      I also think I prefer the older one.
      The poll ended up being overwhelmingly “go with the new”.
      And so I will…..

      PS I enjoy following your posts on twitter.


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