Thank you to all the Joel’s out there.

Every time my writing battery has drained down to the lead-acid bottom sludge, and I’m questioning if I have anything worthwhile to add to the already hyper-dense, froth and bubbles, online ecosystem, someone drops a particularly encouraging comment or tips me a few dollars for a coffee.

It is sunlight to my solar panels.

Yesterday I received a really nice anonymous message.
Today Joel shouted me a coffee.

Of course, my ego gets a good old-fashioned dopamine hit every time there is some feedback, but there is something more deeply satisfying to feel someone is reading and perhaps enjoying my posts.

Anyways, no need to respond to this post….this is just my message to all of you who take the time to drop by and visit this site. Gratitude.

One response to “Thank you to all the Joel’s out there.”

  1. I’m a Buddhist, a nurse, a happy camper and a dog lover. You tick all of my boxes. I have read many of the books that you have recommended over the years and I believe it was you that led to my discovery of Bernado Kastrup (for which I shall always be eternally grateful). Your recent sharing of ‘The two-headed calf’ touched me deeply on many levels. That was one of the most profound things I have ever read. My gratitude to you ☸️🙏


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