FIBBO! and maybe save a life.

There is a popular kids travel game where you call out “SPOTTO!” every time you see a yellow car. A while back I spent some time with my nephew and niece who were right into it,  and it amazed me how good they were at spotting yellow cars that I did not even see. I … Continue reading FIBBO! and maybe save a life.


Street Art.

I laugh at the way some people think graffiti is all selfish tagging and vandalism. Thoughtful street art is like good fiction – it speaks out on behalf of everyone, for us all to see --Carla H. Krueger Location:Balmain. Sydney Australia.


Today I ventured up the Parramatta river on the 'Rivercat'. Deisel drone sine wave swell cannot stay AWAKE. (missed my stop. nevermind.) It was an overcast afternoon. Out on deck the crisp river breeze was a welcome tonic to the recent sweaty days. The views flowed from river urban to mangrove to struggling eucalyptus forest … Continue reading Rivercat.