UFOs: eyes up or eye roll?


Following my own recent unexplained aerial phenomenon experience I have been (carefully) poking around the whole UFO ecosystem. It is wild and tricky terrain indeed.

There is definitely an increasing mainstream interest in the topic with some sort of disclosure due to be released by the US government in the coming weeks.

Popular media has been covering the topic with two publications of interest in the New Yorker and the NYT, and a segment on the US 60 minutes due to air this Sunday.

The first article pretty covers the whole history of the UFO phenomenon and is a good read to get a handle on the topic.

The second article is an opinion piece by the well-known journalist Ezra Klein exploring just how we might respond to proof of extraterrestrial visitation.

A more cohesive understanding of ourselves as a species, and our planet as one ecosystem among others, might lead us to take more care with what we already have, and the sentient life we already know. The loveliest sentiment I came across while doing this (admittedly odd) reporting was from Agnes Callard, a philosopher at the University of Chicago. “You also asked how we should react,” she said over email. “I guess my preferred reaction would be for the knowledge that someone was watching to inspire us to be the best examples of intelligent life that we could be.

— Ezra Klein

Both articles are worth reading. With a healthy dose of critical appraisal, scepticism and open-mindedness.

Meanwhile, the promised disclosure from the US government has many UFO believers in a lather of expectations.

What might be revealed?
Speculation is rife on social media. Perhaps some vague technical document littered with redactions hinting that something is going on, but they have no idea what exactly (it’s probably nothing, we have more important things to worry about right now).

On the other end of the spectrum: a definitive admission that they (the government) have long had knowledge of extraterrestrial visitations (perhaps even including possession of craft and occupants).

Me? I have no idea what is going on (I do feel something is ).
Perhaps it is extraterrestrial, or terrestrial, or psychological or something completely outside our current frame of reference.
Whatever it is, the whole phenomenon continues to interest me, I don’t deny.

Whether eyes up or eye roll, watch this space….

Top photo credit: Michael Herren.

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