Coffee and a short walk.

A short journal entry. Because nothing is happening.

Still shaking off the last stubborn mucoid residues of my flu.
Coffee at Double Shot cafe in Deakin. It was a cold morning and we sat outside. By butt-hopping our way down a row of vacant stools, we managed to snag a single shaft of sunlight for the duration.

Coffee was great: 8.5/10.
We shared a Blueberry Muffin: a little sub-fresh 5/10.
Atmosphere was cosy and warm: 8.5/10.
Service was pretty good.

Afterwards we took a short stroll around the block.
Spotted this funky rack of old skis that had been repurposed to make a fence. Neat.

Then we watched the shenanigans from this (bottom pic) group of workers as they erected some maintenance scaffolding.
Most entertaining to watch as they passed the various components up the human chain… with accompanying scaffolding erection banter.
They need their own show.

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One response to “Coffee and a short walk.”

  1. Love it…had my Fourth COVID injection yesterday…. 2nd Moderna….crook as today….QLD worse than Vic this week….🥶🥶🥶


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