Environment report. Spoiler alert: it is bad.

Today saw the release of the latest State of the Environment Report for Australia. It is the accumulation of two years work by a panel of 30 experts and replaces the previous report published five years ago.

The report was actually presented to the (then) Liberal government in December last year, but due to upcoming election its release was…..er…..postponed.

If you live in Australia, you have probably been bombarded with coverage of the key finding in the report on mainstream media today, so I won’t go into all the nasty details.

Upshot is: Things are bad. Very bad. They are going to get worse. And right now our management strategies are a dogs breakfast at most levels.
But it is not too late to take actions that will make some positive impact.

I am posting this to link you to the actual report which is really well presented full of information….and worth taking a few moments to both browse and bookmark for the future reference.

Photo by Daniel Seßler 

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