Music: Jacob Collier

Take a quiet break to check out this musical offering.

Jacob Coller is a young (28yrs) singer-songwriter out of London. His music has a heavy jazz influence but he cross-pollinates from many other music genres.

A video of him performing the Bee Gees song ‘How Deep Is Your Love’ fell into my YouTube stream (link below) last night and I was immediately blown away by this guy’s musical competence and mastery of vocal harmony. I don’t know much else about him but his abundance of talent is clear.

Whilst some of his music is not quite my cup of tea, these accoustic improvisations are beautiful.
Value-adding to the moment, he encourages (conducts) the audience to participate with harmonic chant/drone accompaniments.

The emotional power of the human voice on show.
Im sure that it would be goosebump city to actually be in the audience during these performances.

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