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Nursing in the 1950’s

A few of my mum’s standout memories working as a nurse at Mount Gould Hospital, Plymouth in the 1950’s. The Korean war had just begun, Polio Vaccine was saving thousands of lives, and the legends […]

Who shot JKF? Spoiler alert.

If, like me, you are a little prone to oil your jaded, skeptical and perhaps just a little too gullible opinions on the workings of big government with a nice juicy conspiracy theory or two, […]

The Straight Dope.

I am about to suggest you go visit a clunky, visually sucky, probably unattended website way over in a less traveled region of the internet. Be warned, you may be gone for some time. Back […]

Free Solo.

Alex Honnold is an American climber who achieved notoriety in for his free-solo ascents of some of the most difficult mountain climbs in the world. Free-solo is the term used to describe climbing without the […]

The flight.

I was on a plane flying home from Sydney. All settled into my window seat and engaged in the mandatory nonchalant flipping through of the flight magazine whist actually┬áintently listening to what everyone else is […]

American Psychosis.

Interconnected and interbeing, we are ALL America. Pulitzer-prize winning Journalist, Author and Activist Chris Hedges, discusses modern day consumerism, totalitarian corporate power and living in a culture dominated by pervasive illusion.