A most extraordinary woman.

In this podcast, Sam Harris interviews documentary maker Meg Smaker about the controversy surrounding her film The Unredacted (originally screened as Jihad Rehab).

This documentary explores the lives and worldviews of four accused terrorists that were initially Guantanamo detainees, and were then sent to a rehabilitation centre in Saudi Arabia. Hence, Jihad Rehab.

It was programmed to be screened as the Sundance Film Festival (as well as many others) but was ‘uninvited’ following criticism and objections raised by groups on social media (this is known as cancelling).

So this is all very interesting.
But there is another story here. A metta narrative.

And that is the story of a most extaordinary woman.

As you listen the interview unfold, Meg opens a series of incredible personal disclosures. She has had one heck of a life.
I will not spoil it by talking about them here, but suffice to say this is one amazingly strong, deep thinking, compassionate, kick-ass, woman.

Note: the interview starts proper at the 7 min mark.

#313 — Apocalypse Making Sense with Sam Harris

If the player is not working for you, you can LISTEN HERE.

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