There is no snooze button on the doomsday clock.

This world
tips over.

Last night I read that Ukraine’s Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant has had its power cut for the second time this week, leaving it to rely on backup diesel generators (they have 10 days of fuel) to prevent any nuclear catastrophe.

The plant is currently surrounded by Russian forces, whilst Putin continues to lob missiles into civilian populated areas and threatens to push the big red button if the West doesn’t back off and butt out.

I don’t know where the doomsday clock is even at right now. As the World tips over into a new day…to look I dare not dare.

Intentionally no photo today.

One response to “There is no snooze button on the doomsday clock.”

  1. Pretty creepy l, isn’t it? I mean, we could legitimately all die any day. But I don’t see it happening cause there’ve been no Jesus sightings.


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