Searching for a tiny home on wheels

An update on our travel current travel situation.

As you may know, we recently sold our motorhome Ripley and are now in the process of acquiring a replacement. Big shoes to fill.

Unfortunatelly the build times for the type of van we are looking for, with the mods we want to include, run between 14-18 months right now.

We always knew there was going to be a significant lag between selling Ripley and the delivery time for a new motorhome.
Accordingly, the plan has always been to find a simple-but-funky interim solution that will allow us to travel in the not-so-shabby manner we are accustomed to.

What are we looking for?

So we are now looking for a small second-hand camper trailer or ideally a teardrop or tearbox trailer.
We want something that we can tow with our Subaru Forrester. So nothing too beefy.
A totally new and different experience for us.

I am particularly impressed with the build quality of both SmidgeCampers and Wild Monkey Campers two Australian-owned businesses.
However, as this is only a temporary Modus Operandi for us, these luxury high-end options are way out of our price range.

Options, options.

Other options we are considering are second-hand trailer campers, a small A-van or something similar.

Cheap. Funky. Comfortable. Full of potential.
Those are our tick boxes.

As a last resort, we have also looked at the possibility of buying a plain trailer and then self-building it out as a tent camper. Anyone who knows my DIY capabilities will know this would likely be an adventure in misadventure.
Did I ever tell you about the time it took me eighteen hours to assemble an Ikea flat pack desk and draws?

That’s where we are at. Searching. Designing. Planning. Plotting. Arguing. Sleeping in separate bedrooms.
It is all part of the journey.
Of course, when the time is right….stuff will happen.
It always does.

4 responses to “Searching for a tiny home on wheels”

  1. These guys have just advertised. I have no affiliation.


  2. Ian, we just sold our Avan weekender. Could tow it with our Toyota corolla! A little tight to sit up in bed but an annexe off the back was handy. Good luck with your hunt!

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    1. Hi Fiona!
      Damnit, I should have posted earlier. I hope you have found something even better for your own travells. Next time we are up in your part of the world, we must catch up.


      1. My next big adventure is bilateral total knee replacements this week! Then with bionic knees, who knows what I’ll be capable of! But I dont plan to be not enjoying the great outdoors of this amazing land we live on.


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