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Back to the Yak.

Our penultimate night away finds us back in Yackandandah. A small town situated amongst rolling hills about 288 km north east of Melbourne. The origins of the towns name are not certain, with one author […]

Bright love.

Up early this morning. It’s chillier than usual and Ripley creaks in protest as I move around her. Kelly and Juno are both still wrapped warmly in the land of REM, and the more I […]

Size doesn’t matter. But mine is pretty big.

OK. Well that title escalated into the realms of click bait, just a little too easily. We are settled into the mountain village of Bright for a few days. After only discovering this place relatively […]


We spent the night at a nice little van park In Beechworth. We had planned to stealthcamp the night, but we arrived late and just couldn’t find a spot that felt right. Then we coasted […]

The perils of life in a campervan.

  The picture shows Juno looking on concernedly as Kelly applies an ice pack to her wrist and some Gin & Tonic to her pride. We were just closing up Ripleys blinds for the night […]


We coasted into Castlemaine, cruised the Main Street and decided pretty quickly that further investigation was needed. Castlemaine is a vibrant little town nestled in a valley around 120 km northwest of Melbourne. Traditionally it […]