Spent the day wandering around Esperance, a coastal town with a population of around 14,000 that grew up as a receiving port for settlers arriving to make their fortunes on the goldfields in the 1890s. The day was warm and sunny and we walked the esplanade soaking in the lush green curated lawns and fine … Continue reading Esperance


Out here water is everything. This morning noticed some thirsty bees hovering around our grey water tap, so I cracked it open just a little to give them a drink. Pretty soon word had gotten out and there was a full-on bee-hydration party in progress. The world was really one bee yard, and the same … Continue reading Bee-hydration.


Travelling is all about the stopping. Sure, the destination gives any adventure a compass. A gravitational pull. A bracket to signify completion. And the journey itself is the the delicate practice of paying attention in motion. Paying attention to motion. But the stopping is where the magic happens. When properly travelling you should be stopping … Continue reading Stoppingl


We continued to drive through the 'Lakes and Craters' region of Victoria. Vast flat rolling plains pickled with Marr's or low volcanic mountains such as Mount Leura and Mount Sugarloaf. The surrounds were far greener and more visually interesting than previous days. Outside it was a very pleasant 25 degrees and so we drove on, … Continue reading Warrnambool.