Tag: Cycling

Tall Bikes.

If you enjoy cycling, creativity, or just need a little hit of outside-the-box urban eccentric inspiration, settle back to watch this 26 minute documentary on the tall bike movement. I guarantee it will put a […]

Kangaroo encounters.

Today I went for a late afternoon ride on some access trails around the nearby Mt Taylor. Even though it was a fairly sunny day there was already a crisp chill in the air that […]

Measuring fitness progress with with a spirit level.

After my last post about my new fitness program, a couple of people asked me if I am keeping a log or record of my times, distances etc. You know, so I can track my […]

Putting the fun back into fitness.

A month ago I wrote about my change in fitness routine from an expensive Gym membership to a free and more free-form based program (you can read that post here). I thought I would get […]

Moving forwards.

Gym membership? Thats a lot of money dude. This time of year is always a bit of a money pit. All our registration and insurance and utility bills arrive in a dense, foreboding pile over […]

Juno on wheels.

Kelly and I have been trying to work out a way that we can take Juno out with us on our bikes when we are away travelling. One option is to use a purpose built […]