Sydney snaps.

Location: ///valve.visit.begin

Visiting Sydney for a few days. Catching up with friends and family.

Today, the quest has been to find the best:

  • Book shop
  • Ramen
  • Gelato

Whilst exploring a bookshop, found myself flipping through cardboard boxes of old jazz records and having a discussion with a stranger about the whole analogue aesthetic of listening to vinyl.

He had just purchased a turntable and was populating his new collections with vintage rock.
After an interesting chat we both agreed that though nowhere near as convenient as the instant grab of say Apple Music or Spotify, there is something infinitely more engaging (both socially and personally) about rummaging interesting environments, hunting down an un-scratched copy of Miles Davis’s Kind of Blue, holding the actual physical thing and wondering who might have owned it before.

Much the same as second hand books.

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