A bottle opener and a pizza recipe.

I was given one of these for Christmas and I think they would make a great gift idea for the one you love to add to their home or travel kit. It is a push-down bottle opener. Mine is in brushed aluminium but they come in various materials and colours. You can buy one for […]


Spiced Mushroom Walnut & Lentil Loaf

Kelly and her mum made this delicious vegetarian mushroom and walnut lentil loaf for me. Super easy to make (even I could have done it I reckon) and so good that I thought I would share it here. Ingredients: 1 Cup Walnuts, dry roasted 400g tin of brown lentils 2 cups diced button mushrooms 2 […]


Hara Hachibu

I am currently trying to cultivate the practice of ‘slow’ eating each mealtime. A 35 year history of emergency nursing has left me with a dining imperative to stuff as much food into my gob as quickly as possible. So I am playing with the Japanese concept of HARA HACHIBU or literally: gut eight parts. […]

Found objects

Baked sweet potato and curried beans.

A quick and simple vegetarian dinner for these hot summer evenings.