Street library.

I was out walking Juno the other day when we came across this neat street library.
Ironically, I first saw a street library whilst on holidays in Juno, Alaska several years ago. Since then they seem to have caught on and I have seen many more during our travels.

A simple sign below the library read:

Everyone is welcome.
Take a book that takes your fancy.
Bring it back or pass it on to someone else.
Leave a book that you enjoyed, or loved as a child.
Kids can leave letters for the book fairy. Come back in a few days for your reply.

At this point the cynical voice in my head whispered up a hundred reasons why this is a silly idea. It will get vandalised soon enough. What if someone puts inappropriate materials inside? Someone will set it on fire for sure. Someone else will get a paper cut and sue for damages.
At the very least nobody will donate a new book but plenty will take one.

You know what? Eff you cynical voice.
I love books and I think this is a great idea and big kudos to the family that got this one up and running. I really hope the locals get behind it.

Take a book. Leave a book.

How can I set up my own Street Library?

There are several websites that will give you tips on how to get your library all set up and running. is one such site. It also sells DIY kits that look pretty easy to assemble. Prices start from $169.00AU. They also have free plans you can download as a guideline in case you want to get more creative.
Also, some tips on how sustain your library and get buy in from your local community once you have it all up and running.

If possible you will want to erect your library on private property, although it is likely that most local councils will turn a blind eye if you put it on your verge or nature strip (likely but not certain).

Another Street Library I passed in Jambaroo NSW.

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