FIBBO! and maybe save a life.

There is a popular kids travel game where you call out “SPOTTO!” every time you see a yellow car. A while back I spent some time with my nephew and niece who were right into it,  and it amazed me how good they were at spotting yellow cars that I did not even see.

I would like to introduce a new game.
Called FIBBO!
You call it every time you see an AED in a public space.

What is an AED?

AED stands for Automated External Defibrillator. It is a lifesaving device that detects potential lethal heart rhythms (arrythmias) that stop the heart pumping properly (a cardiac arrest) and may have caused a person to collapse unconscious.
If detected, the AED delivers a measured shock that allows the heart to begin pumping effectively again.

These devices are designed to be easily used by the general public.

Why are they so important?

Delivery of a controlled shock to the heart is the only way to revert a lethal arrythmia.Every minute that there is a delay in administering the shock the chances of surviving drop by 10% (this can be improved if effective CPR is being given).

Even though paramedics carry defibrillators, their response time can be several minutes (around 16 minutes in major metropolitan cities in Australia). This is why there are now many public AED’s in airports, shopping centres, sports facilities and other public areas.

But I havent seen any AED’s anywhere.

Just like spotting yellow cars. Unless you are specifically looking for them, you don’t tend to notice them.

That is why I think it would be a good idea to encourage your kids to play FIBBO, or incorporate FIBBO into a game of SPOTTO.
It will help raise awareness of these important life saving devices both in your kids and in accompanying adults.

How to play FIBBO!

You get a 1 point for every red AED and 2 points for every green AED and 5 points for a yellow AED. First to call “FIBBO” gets the points.
Adults are encouraged to participate. If kids win by the end of the day, a treat is owed.

To explain what these things are you can say something like:

“These machines are called defibrillators….if someone is suddenly really sick and then falls over and you can’t wake them up, an adult can use a defibrillator to try to make them better again. It’s important to know were they are, just in case.”

The best way to pick a FIBBO is by the signs that are usually located nearby
The AED’s are usually located in a small box or cabinet on the wall:


Now I see them everywhere.

Once you are looking for AED’s you start seeing more of them in places you frequently visit.
Thanks to your kids.
Seeing them is one thing of course……here is a short video that gives you some idea on how to use them.
If the situation ever arises, being able to do this might quite literally save someones life.

How to use an AED.

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