Searching the web? There is a better way.

Just Google it.

These days “just Google it” has become a reflex response to someone asking for information about a topic.
But there are better ways than Google (which is tracking your activities, harvesting your personal information and selling it all for profit).

I recommend “just DuckDuckGo it” instead.
AND to get the absolute most out of your searches get in the habit of POWER-SEARCHING by using the following enhancements:

NO GOOGLEDO NOT Google it. Use an alternate search engine that actually respects your privacy online.
I recommend DuckDuckGo. It also comes as a browser too.
” “Use Quotes. Placing quotation symbols around the search term limits results to exactly what is inside the quotes.
Use Dashes. Place a hyphen (minus sign) before a word to exclude it from your search.
~Use Tilde. Bet you didn’t even know that is what ~ is called. Place it before a word to include synonyms of that word in the search.
Site: USE Site: Use after a word to limit search to a specific site. example radishes
|Use the vertical bar. Works the same as using the word OR. example shopping shoes | boots
..Use 2 period dots. Lets you search within a set timeframe example pirates 1800..2021
Location:Use Location: Limits search to a set location. example nursing Location: Australia
Filetype:Use Filetype: Limits search to a particular filetype (pdf is the most useful).
Dump GoogleThere. I said it twice.
Original source: Chris Hladczuk

One response to “Searching the web? There is a better way.”

  1. Although it’s easier to say “Google It”, “DuckDuckGo” it is preferable! Its scope seems adequate and those annoying ads don’t appear as they do when you use Google.

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