Do you know the international hand signal for: ‘help me’?

I just found out about this today.

Originally launched by the Canadian Women’s Foundation last year as an emergency signal for girls and women in abusive situations to covertly express their need for help whilst on video calls.

The signal is useful in that it only requires one hand and can be flashed discretely and easily.
Additionally, it has the potential to be used in many other environments as well as video calls and domestic violence situations.

The problem is that just like me until today, the person seeing the signal may not realise its importance.

So. Please help spread the word. Mention it to your kids (who probably already have seen it on their socials). See if your partner and friends know about it.
It only takes a few seconds to bring it to people’s attention.
The more people know about it, the more effective it is as a call for help.

File it away in a not-too-dusty part of your brain so that it might jump up and down to get your attention if you happen to see it being used one day.

Photo by Sue Carroll

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