Summer nights

Summer nights.
my sweet big ass
spins me asleep

There is nothing worse than tossing and turning and trying to get to sleep all tangled up in sweaty summer sheets.
When staying at Kelly’s sister’s house we always admired the large ceiling fans they use and last year we purchased a couple from a company called big ass fans.

Recently the nights have been getting hot enough that we have used them for the first time. We are very pleased. Our fans are totally silent, and the difference in sleep quality laying under the gentle airflow is significant.

PS. This is not a paid promotion. But if anyone at big ass fans happens to read this…lets talk.

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One response to “Summer nights”

  1. We have Fans and use them at night….but summer in QLD….requires the Big Guns…..the Aircon……aaaah…bliss….shame Fans don’t come with a Cleaner…..🙁


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