Video: Slim & Soph. Sailing Nakama

This YouTube channel tells the story of two Australians Slim and Soph who, with their cat Chilli, are sailing their boat around the country whilst simultaneously studying for their Law degrees.

Because that can’t be too difficult. Right?

Their posts are entertaining, beautifully filmed, uplifting and well produced….and just make me want to hop in a sailboat, enrol at Uni and do ‘the Lap’.

Fed up with the outrageous rental prices in our hometown, the idea of doing it afloat came to mind. We figured we could scrape by on our tight student budget if we stopped paying way too much rent and lived minimally on the ocean, whilst continuing our passion for adventure. The plan for now, is to keep sailing onwards, keeping Australia to our left and once we’re done doing that…Who knows.

Their latest post celebrates reaching the northernmost tip of the Australian coastline bang on Slim’s birthday.
Here is the link to their channel.

2 responses to “Video: Slim & Soph. Sailing Nakama”

  1. PS: Mind you – this looks sooooo tempting!


  2. I am reminded of a boat owner who told me the two happiest days in his sailing life were the day he bought his boat, and the day he sold it.


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