YouTube: Roadtrip Australia.

Roadtrip Australia is the YouTube channel of Justin and Bec Lorrimer. Since 2015 they have been travelling with their three children, 6-year-old Jack, 4-year-old Billy and 3-year-old daughter Charli. They started with the intentions of doing a lap of Oz in their caravan and 4WD….and they haven’t looked back. It’s a fantastic lifestyle and the caravanning adventures and experiences we have gained are far more … Continue reading YouTube: Roadtrip Australia.

The art of flying.

Form is emptiness. Emptiness is form. — The heart sutra. A stunning short film documenting a murmuration of starlings. Whilst science has not yet completely explained the exact mechanism that allows unimaginable numbers of birds to respond to each other with such swirling simultaneous unity, a research team of theoretical physicists published a paper in 2012 that found that a change of direction (known as … Continue reading The art of flying.