Its been a couple of days now since we had the hail-pocalypse. A ten-minute storm cell that swept through Canberra just after lunchtime on Monday. Throwing down an angry blunderbuss of icy shot that shredded trees, smashed solar panels, killed hundreds of birds and bats and seriously smooshed-up cars. Lots of cars. In the thick of it, wind gusts of up to 116km/h were recorded … Continue reading Hail-pocalypse!

Aboriginal flag reflects distress of Australia.

Flying a flag upside down is a symbol that has been used by many countries to signify conditions of dire distress or extreme danger to life or property. At the risk of cultural appropriation, the symbolism of an upside-down aboriginal flag reflecting the smoke red/orange sky and blackened ground seen throughout much of Australia right now seems to be a deeply fitting expression of the … Continue reading Aboriginal flag reflects distress of Australia.

Video: Koala rescued during bushfires.

The impact on our wildlife and ecosystems from the current bushfires is going to be catastrophic. It will be some time yet before the full extent emerges, but it will undoubtedly forever change the fragile ecology of our country. Professor Andrew Beattie from Macquarie University near Sydney told AFP he believes the death toll of animals nationwide could be in the billions, “if you think of mammals, … Continue reading Video: Koala rescued during bushfires.