A few good things

Declutter your mind, your heart, your home. Let go of the heaviness that is weighing you down. Make your life simple, but significant.
Maria Defillo

One of the great lessons we are learning travelling in a motorhome is the joy of having less stuff.

Ripley is our home away on 4 wheels. She is just a hair over 7 metres long and a few metres wide. She has pretty ample storage space for a motor home, but nevertheless, we have to pretty discerning with the stuff we are going to stow on board.

Turns out that there is a real pleasure in being forced to travel light. Each of us have just enough clothes to last us a week before we need to do the laundry.

Cups and plates and cutlery for two. A pantry and fridge stocked with enough nutritious & delicious produce for a few days and then we resupply (interestingly, I reckon we have been eating more healthy food options on the road than we usually do at home).

We have a camera, an iPad and our phones. I have my kindle. We have food and treats for Juno. I have a pair of binoculars for wildlife encounters.

A couple of day packs, my notebook, and our bikes hung out back and that’s about it.

Ripley goes through daily cycles of clutter. She tends to get really messy around meal times, and first thing in the morning she usually looks like the inside of a junkyard snow dome.

But the beautiful thing is, that just as she is quick to messy, she is equally quick to spic and span.

Dishes washed up and put away, bed made, clothes stowed in the lockers. A few minutes later and she is ready for the ball.

With this light inventory we can head off for a couple of days, or adventure out for weeks. And it seems to be all we need.

The panopoly of lived experiences we now collect and accrue and steal and swap and recount along the way occupy precisely zero storage space.

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