Checking for leaks.

Ripley has been in hibernation for a few weeks now, but in a couple of days I am heading off on a short solo trip to Sydney.

Each year Ripley needs to have a checkup to make sure she is still water tight.
An inspection for any leakiness in her ‘habitation module’ is necessary to maintain the conditions of warranty.

Unfortunately the nearest dealer that can accomplish this is a 3 hr drive up the Hume Highway. This is moderately annoying, but it does give me an excuse to have a road trip away.

So this afternoon I spent some time on board, sprucing her up a little and taking inventory of her supplies which we have been shamelessly pilfering of late.
For some reason her usually extensive stores of treats and stacks seemed to be especially depleted. Weird that.

The plan is to stay somewhere just outside of Sydney for the night, drive in and get the water penetration check done the next day, and then swoop down the coast to stay a couple of days in Kiama where I will meet up with Kelly & Juno.

After this Kelly has to return to Canberra for work commitments, but Juno and I may just kick on for further geographical explorations.


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