South West Rocks.

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A pretty little town with gorgeous beachfront’s. A place that seems to have resisted any developer’s spoiling hands thus far. But the potential is there…teetering. I sorta imagine it to be like a Byron Bay of thirty years ago.

Sure there are pockets of spanking modern units poking out here and there, but overall it resonates with this 1970s holiday vibe. Not a McDonald’s to be seen. Where a beachfront caravan park and promenade walk still rule the primo geography of the town.

Where some sort of metaphysical syrupy ether slows you down: hey, no hurry…just sit here and stare out to sea for a while.

Kelly had a catch up with an old nursing friend. Then it was a little shopping and a lot of aimless ambling through the ether.

Later we sat on the headland, ate crummed fish and chips, sucked the salty oil off our fingers and watched the day set.

Kelly caught up with an old friend.

2 responses to “South West Rocks.”

  1. Stephanie Magill Avatar
    Stephanie Magill

    I’ve been in Eden, my second home, for two days now. The building at the wharf area has been closed, no more refreshments looking over the bay, very sad. The charm is being eroded with threats of multimillion dollar developments which, in my opinion, will detract from the attraction of the area. Not alone in my thoughts, crossed path with a few frequent visitors from Victorian who were looking forward to their new freedom in old haunts, only to be disappointed.


  2. The sad part is that these quiet sleepy little towns are becoming few and far between.
    These are the towns of my childhood, when, with my family I would spend year after year camping close to the beach a little south of there at Pambula Beach at Christmas time. You would smell of the beach by the end of the day and your skin would taste of salt.
    Rolling with the waves, being dumped by twister waves, almost before the days of flagged areas.
    I loved it so much.


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