The big problem with Big Pharma.

A fascinating and disturbing discussion between Lex and Dr John Abramson around the manipulative and arguably deceptive practices of Big Pharma in the US.

Evidence-based medicine is only as veridical as the quality of evidence it is built on. Peer-reviewed studies & practice guidelines relied on by healthcare providers are only as useful as the transparency of process available to the reviewers.

Big Pharma has without doubt saved many lives and improved the quality of life of many more. But as long as it works from a profit-driven paradigm, there will be potential pressure for data manipulation, social engineering of the health system and other morally dubious activities.

Recommended viewing for healthcare workers.

PS. It is claimed that Pfizer will make 65 Billion dollars from vaccines alone in the first two years of the pandemic. That is a lot of power.

Meanwhile, many less affluent countries are unable to access or cannot afford to vaccinate their populations.

Listen to podcast version here.

Photo credit: Adam Nieścioruk

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