Mozzie madness.

Location: ///interesting.regionals.smugglers

Kelly is not taking any chances with the mosquito-borne outbreak of Japanese encephalitis that is affecting many states in Australia right now.

I find myself slathered in a thick icing of DEET bug repellent and Ripley’s interior is a soupy fog of insect spray.

Seriously. If it’s not COVID or climate driven natural disasters or threat of imminent nuclear apocalypse, it’s attack of the brain-melting monster mozzies. These are the times we live in.

Tonight we are camped just outside the township of Narrandera. The recent rains have left standing puddles of water everywhere. It is easy to see how mosquitos are going to be a big problem. I imagine stagnant residues from the massive floods along our east coast are only going to make things worse for many areas.

So. Pouring Kelly a stiff Gin and Tonic I reassure her that the medical literature supports high blood alcohol levels as an effective mozzie deterrent. I can’t remember the exact study but I saw it on Facebook. So we’re good. Cheers!

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