Is our world made of matter, or consciousness?

In conversation: Rupert Spira and Bernardo Kastrup both believe that consciousness is fundamental. That is, instead of our world ultimately being composed of some tiny bits of physical matter (or physical energy) that in turn make more complex bits of matter (all the way up to our brains that generate our consciousness, that is aware of all that matter), it arises completely from a single trans-personal field of consciousness. You, me and everything we experience is simply that, an experience of universal phenomenal consciousness.

Rupert Spira is a spiritual practitioner in the vedantic and tantric traditions.
Bernardo Katstrup has PhDs in both computer science and philosophy. He is author of many books on the topic of analytical idealism (all of which I recommend).

If you wish, you can skip the introductions & backstory and dig straight into the meat and potatoes at the 11 minute mark.

Main photo:  Vince Fleming 

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