The place where I sit.

The term zazen means sitting-zen.
And zen is just a word for meditation.
Nothing mysterious. Nothing esoteric.
Zen is simply the practice of meditation.
Meditation is simply a discipline of abiding wholeheartedly in the present moment as it unfolds without adding anything extra.

And boy do we add a lot.

I sit zazen in the corner of our study. Nothing special.

I sit most mornings. Six thirty am.
During the week I sit (via Zoom) with my local Zen group.
Two 25-minute periods. A short break between.
On the weekends I sit alone (well almost). One 50-minute period.
Once a month I sit with the group for a day long retreat, in real life.
Once a year I sit sesshin, a 7 day retreat.

I like to bookend each day with a second sitting in the evenings, but I find it harder then, often slipping into a weird lucid dream state.
It is easier to flop on the couch and zone out on Netflix.
’Tho to be honest, the dreams usually have a more interesting plot and less product placement.

On the floor I have a Zafu (a small round meditation cushion) and a Zabuton (a larger pad – think futon- to cushion the knees).
A favourite wool blanket to cover my legs on cold mornings.
Often I am visited by a small white dog. After going out for a pee (and a dawn bark at our resident possum), he will snuggle up against my crossed legs and sleep through it all.

Those familiar with Zen practice will know there is an important question about a dog. A question that countless people have been asked down through the centuries.
In the still, morning silver light, Juno holds its secret right in my lap.


Wait just a hang on a second.
Juno, did you just fart?
He just farted.

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One response to “The place where I sit.”

  1. So well written, from the straightforward explanations of terms and accouterments to the possible meaning behind Juno’s presence at your side. I wish I’d been able to maintain a sitting practice after leaving a zen community years ago (I was there 5 years) but it hasn’t happened and I’m not interested in indulging in self-blame. But it’s good to know you’re doing what you’re doing!


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