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It was one of those moments when you just feel that your life is pivoting on a blade edge. The slightest movement or choice or decision and it will tip off one side or the […]

Don’t be helpful. 

“Don’t be helpful; be available.”–Robert Fripp (King Crimson guitarist and meditation practitioner) Sage advice. So often we are far too busy proffering advice and concocting opinion to just open a space, offer our presence, and […]

Dogs on beds. 

Advice well known to all dog owners.
Supposedly it is all about leadership power within the pack. Letting your dog sleep at the same level as you is said to be signaling an equal position in the pack hierarchy

Autumn tea.

Listening to the tunk, tunk, tunk of a large crow hopping on the roof tiles. Down to the drainpipe, where it pauses to scrape its beak, before tunking back up to the ridge-cap. Flip back […]


  Lake Wanaka, in the Southern Lakes Region of New Zealand, is one of my favourite places on the planet.  In this short film snowboarder Will Jackways, shares his simple philosophy of life. Im not […]