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Trail Running.

  Today I purchased a new pair of shoes. Specifically, Trail Running shoes. I wrote a post back in August about how I had just taken up jogging and I have been running with a […]

The perils of life in a campervan.

  The picture shows Juno looking on concernedly as Kelly applies an ice pack to her wrist and some Gin & Tonic to her pride. We were just closing up Ripleys blinds for the night […]

Bed bound.

It’s one of the best feelings in the world. Outside, a cold and a blustery wind rises and falls. An occasional far off rolling thunder admonishing it’s lack of commitment. I am wrapped snugly in […]

In Real Life.

  Held close enough to swallow its light My iPhone eclipses the world.

Use your Bike Bell. Please.

OK. Before I start bitching, let me say that I am a bike rider too.   One of my big pet peeves are bike riders who do not use their bells to signal they are […]

The Sculpture Garden.

It was a magnificent spring morning here in Canberra today, so I decided to take Juno out and get amongst it all. Before heading off a few preparatory tasks were required. First up, take my […]