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We coasted into Castlemaine, cruised the Main Street and decided pretty quickly that further investigation was needed. Castlemaine is a vibrant little town nestled in a valley around 120 km northwest of Melbourne. Traditionally it […]

Short trip away.

Kelly, Juno and I took off for a short trip away to the coast for 3 days.


This short video made by Australia Post highlights the nomadic adventures of the Badger family as they travel Australia in their yellow Kombi named ‘Summer’

Port Macquarie

The surf was up at Port Maquarie (pop 45,700) when we arrived. We parked Ripley in a neat spot at the Breakwall Holiday Park which as its name describes, sits next to a breakwall smack […]


We spent the night stealthing in the beautiful little village of Kingscliff. And by ‘stealthing’ I mean at dusk we found a quiet non-residential spot just on the edge of town (it was just a […]


The original peoples of the area called it Gulum after the ‘blunt’ or ‘headless’ peak of the nearby Coolum mountain. The first Europeans here were shipwrecked in 1823, and if you are going to run your […]