We spent the night stealthing in the beautiful little village of Kingscliff.

And by ‘stealthing’ I mean at dusk we found a quiet non-residential spot just on the edge of town (it was just a large, regular parking bay really), and settled Ripley in for the night.

Ripley has these great blinds that can be drawn across all her windows making her appear totally dark, and inert from the outside. As she is completely self contained, we can relax, cook dinner, watch a little TV, sleep the night and depart early the next morning without leaving a trace or disturbance.

This practice remains controversial, and is a sensitive topic in many towns and amongst the RV community at large. I will write a separate post exploring my personal thoughts on it shortly.

The view a few steps from our stealthing spot.
The view a few steps from our stealthing spot.

Kingscliff is located some 110 kilometres south of Brisbane. For now it lay just beyond the eruptions of high rise appartments and shopping complex developments that metastasise south from the Gold Coast, Tweed Heads and Coolangatta.

But from the number of signs and bumper stickers protesting imminent threat that we have seen in this, and most nearby coastal communities… the struggle is real.

Brunswick Heads.

Next stop Brunswick Heads.

Originally a cedar cutting settlement back in the 1780’s, its prime activities today revolve around fishing and tourism.

We did the proverbial lap of the town, poking around in some funky bric-a-brac shops and checking out the very popular Bruns Bakery.

Intending to check out the beach situation we crossed a bridge over the glassy clear Simpson’s Creek where Juno spent more than a little time staring transfixed by the schools of rather large fish milling below.

Unfortunately we were turned back before the beach by a large intimidating No Dogs Beyond This Point sign.

Behind the scenes at Bruns Bakery.
Behind the scenes at Bruns Bakery.

From here we are off to stay with Kelly’s sister at Tintenbar. And then we have booked the weekend at a holiday park in what used to be one of my favourite places to visit. Byron Bay.


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