We continued to drive through the ‘Lakes and Craters’ region of Victoria.
Vast flat rolling plains pickled with Marr’s or low volcanic mountains such as Mount Leura and Mount Sugarloaf.

The surrounds were far greener and more visually interesting than previous days. Outside it was a very pleasant 25 degrees and so we drove on, windows down, in a state of happy carpool karaoke.

The clock tower. Manifold street, Camperdown.

Camperdown is a beautiful little town full of classic historical buildings and green Elm planted thoroughfares. In the centre of the town is a 31 metre gothic style clock tower built in 1897. We wandered around for longer than we had planned.

It was a bumpy, pot-hole infested ride out of Camperdown. And as I experimented with differing speeds and avoidance trajectories to best manage the rough corrugations, one particular miscalculation resulted in an unexpected jolt sending a half chewed gob of spearmint chewing gum spinning straight down Kelly’s airway.

Now, understand…there was nowhere to pull over at this point and I already had a convoy of impatient drivers behind me.
As Kelly choked and teared-up, and got all red faced, and spluttered and grappled for a decent snatch of breath, I tried to remain calm and plan how I might reach over one handed, grab my pocket knife from the dashboard, perform a surgical airway…whilst simultaneously changing the music track from Queen’s ‘Another one bites the dust’ (I kid you not) which would be a terrible song to listen to as you choked out…. all this, whilst keeping Ripley on the left side of the road and missing those damned road excavations all over the place.

Another jolt and the problem was solved as Kelly coughed up the gum.
She was slightly less than impressed with my first aid response plans. Slightly less than less in fact.

I distracted her from the whole situation by pulling into the beautiful town of Warrnambool.

Main beach Warrnambool.

3 responses to “Warrnambool.”

  1. Always an Adventure with you…glad you survived Kelly….lol..


  2. Omg. Scarey stuff.
    Glad all ok


  3. Warrnambool? Happy to show you the sights… or have a cup of tea .its the Folk festival in Port Fairy this weekend


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