The World is Mental.

Hello friend!
It’s been a while.
I have not posted here for quite some time now. No apologies, I have excuses:

  1. Pandemic.
  2. Lack of travelling tales due to lockdowns.
  3. Nothing much of interest to say.

That is, it has been my duly considered opinion I haven’t had anything to say that is worth adding to what I imagine to be the already intra-apocalyptic clutter of your feed. You are welcome.
And thanks to all those people who reached out to make sure I was OK (well, the 2 of you anyway). The whole clan is doing fine.

Actually, this is wrong. I wear socks with my sandals.

Despite my online silence, I have been pretty busy…. doing what the writer Cal Newport refers to as Deep Work (you can read more about this topic here),
….and what Kelly refers to as Chore Avoidance.

I have been making some deep free-dives into a few eclectic topics of interest to me.
And now I feel I have accumulated enough fresh ideas to jumpstart my muse and post some new stuff.

  • Zen practice. I have spent a lot of time deepening my meditation practice. Let me share…..
  • Analytic idealism. This is a philosophical theory about consciousness, examining who we are and what the world is.
    Essentially, it is consciousness, not matter that is the fundamental construct of the universe….or, in nutshell….the world is mental.
  • Near-Death Experiences and other anomalous matters of high strangeness. I have been exploring these experiences and I have changed my opinions on a few of them….somewhat.
  • Haiku. Short pithy poems I like to write. Watch out! Here come some more……..
  • Gardening, house maintenance and optimal household surface cleaning strategies. Um, actually….sorry…..I got nothing here for you.
    I just wanted to include this in the list to keep Kelly on side.

So. I am about to throw some new stuff down here.
I hope some quantum of my words might, at least slightly, arouse your interest.

Take care and stay safe,

9 responses to “The World is Mental.”

  1. I keep a look out for you at the local shops / cafes. That sounds a bit stalkerish (is that even a word?). It would be great to have a coffee & chat with you both at somepoint though. In the meantime great to have you back posting again.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Just name the place and time!


  2. I thought also somehow I had become in someway unsubscribed! Aaaah life. Not what I expected my retirement to be like.


  3. Good to know all is well. You have been missed.


  4. Just the other day realised hadnt seen any posts from you. Thought you must have gone back to work ahhhh. Just post anything you like and more photos of Jono and his thoughts


  5. Glad you are all OK….I know how you feel about Travel…..bit of a bummer…I have missed a Conference, a Wedding, a Baptism and Phantom of the Opera at The Sydney Opera House…all attached to great Hotels with Views….;)…..but am fully immunised……bonus….You stay safe and post some Photo’s of Juno….

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Welcome back, looking forward to reading again.. xx


  7. Thank goodness you are back! Missed your blog!

    Liked by 1 person

  8. Phew and here I was blaming Mr C for “ accidentally” unsubscribing. My bad.


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