I’ll see you on the other side of sesshin.

I’ll see you on the other side of sesshin.

Well Im about to go off grid for a week.
I will be attending the yearly sesshin (an intensive 7 day meditation retreat. Sesshin literally means: touching the heart-mind) with the Black Mountain Zen group.

The retreat is being held at a beautiful location beside Lake George just outside of Canberra.
I’m all packed for the week. Black t-shirts, black pants, black socks, black coffee, a black jumper, black blanket (in case it gets chilly in the morning sitting periods). Pretty much the dress code is black.

The schedule is not complicated, we get up before the sun and then sit 25 min periods of meditation interspersed with time for meals, rest and work (cleaning toilets, gardening, preparing meals etc). We do this right through until after dark, and then we sit some more.

No TV, no social media, no Netflix, no fast-food, no entertainment, no music, no talking, no reading, no politics, no COVID discussions, no shopping, no playing the bagpipes.

Kelly just shakes her head and asks me why on earth I would want to do something like that.
Just nothing. And for seven days!

I have no answer other than to suggest that when you sit with nothing until there is nothing left in the nothing…..well, it becomes quite something. But that is something you would have to investigate for yourself.

Friends, I shall see you in a week or so.

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