Overnight stop: Woomargama

We pre-packed Ripley for an early getaway. Narrator: there is no such thing as an early getaway.

Then there was the inevitable faffing around, remembering that we forgot this and hadn’t done that. Toothbrush! Juno’s bowl! Charging cables!Finally, we rolled out at just-past-nine.

One stop at a McDonalds just outside of Yass. Juno took care of dog business whilst we supped on Mc-road-coffee…nasty but perfectly hot….and supplying the necessary stimulants.

Second stop, Hollbrook. This time for lunch, which we took in Ripley at our leisure before a quick stroll up and down the main street. Then onwards to our overnight destination.

Whilst I’m distracted by a magazine, Kelly shops.

A small free camp in the tiny locale of Woomargama. A small asphalt parking area, enough room for perhaps five rigs. Clean, well maintained toilets. Quiet and peaceful.

The local pub was supposed to be worth a visit. However, the lady behind the bar informed us the kitchen was closed on Monday. We chatted for a bit about our past travels before bidding cheers and heading off for a walk.

There were magnificent elm trees dotted through the town. The rain threatened overhead, but it was a bluff. Thus, we spent the late afternoon wandering aimlessly before returning to Ripley to nap and suchlike.

Much later, as I was just about wake up, there was a knock at the door. It was the lady from the pub. She had driven down to where we were parked to tell us she was opening the kitchen for dinner just for us if we were interested.

You dont see that in the big city.

Instead of our planned pumpkin soup, we ended up with simple but delicious pub meals. We ate like Kings. We slept like fools.

We had the entire bar to ourselves.
Tonights free camp. Again, all to ourselves.

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2 responses to “Overnight stop: Woomargama”

  1. Stuart Bullock Avatar
    Stuart Bullock

    Great lead photo. I stared at it for a few minutes, mesmerised and wonder what was going through Juno’s mind… maybe ‘So many trees… so little time’.


  2. What a great start…friendly country folk….love the Pics….Drive Safe…


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