Homeward and onward.

Another spectacular day driving back to Canberra.

As Ripley rolled out amongst the hills and valleys, all about us thousands (perhaps millions?) of tiny spiders rode the air currents on long silk streamers catching the sun like a dense silver sleet.

How can such impressive lengths of string come out of such teeny incy wincy specks of a body? Another mystery to ponder.

Lunch stop at Holbrook where we made peanut butter & banana sandwiches on some freshly baked local bread which we washed down with lashings of hot English Breakfast tea.

Soon it was time for Kelly to shop for some gifts whilst Juno and I took a snoozing nap in the warm afternoon sun. When you travel in a motorhome, your bed is always 3 steps away.

Onwards some more before throwing anchor for the night at a campsite in Jugiong. After a dinner of Gin and curried pumpkin pies, we sat up* watching the election on TV and reflecting on our (all too) short trip away.

* For the record, when I say “sat up”…I was soundly asleep by eight.

One response to “Homeward and onward.”

  1. Beautiful Photo’s…any Trip away is a good one…..can’t wait for the next one….safe travels…


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