Podcast: Waking up.

An introduction to the practice of meditation from Sam Harris.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

I have already mentioned Sam Harris and his subscription based* Waking Up app in one of my posts about mindfulness.

I am always micro-despondent at people who try to monetise the practice of meditation. It’s like charging you to learn how to breathe. So (without ever using it) I have been skeptical of the whole Waking Up ecosystem.

In this podcast, Sam provides a series of vignettes taken from the app….and you know what?
They are a lot better than I thought they would be. In fact I found them most excellent.

So here I am recommending you take time to listen to this podcast.
Even if you only have a cursory (I’ll probably get around to it one day) interest in meditation…there may well be intrigue and inspiration amongst Sam’s voluminous vocabulary on the topic.

And if it is any indicator of the quality of the full talks available on the app…. I suggest you go check it out for yourself.

Link to the Waking UP app (with a 7 day free subscription): https://www.wakingup.com

*To be fair, Sam offers a (no questions asked) free subscription for those who are cannot afford the cost. That is commendable.

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