Show up. Grow up. Wake up.

And why do I repeatedly read these words? Because they remind me to stop feeling sorry for myself, my privileged life and privileged opportunities, and to stop whining and looking for an easy path.
I remind myself to show up, in the best way I can, winning some of those internal battles against fear and lethargy, losing some, but with the fond hope that if I show up as best I can, then I will also be a grown-up. That is what life asks of each of us: to grow up, be accountable, be present.

That is what our partners ask of us, our children ask of us, and our world asks of us. When we show up as best we can, then on any given day, we are a grown-up and contribute to carrying the world’s burden, rather than adding to it.

Ask yourself these simple questions: Where do I need to grow up, step into my life?
What fear will I need to confront in doing so? Is that fear realistic or from an earlier time in my development? And, given that heavy feeling I have carried for so long already, what is the price I have to pay for not growing up?

— James Hollis.

Photo by Gianluca Zuccarelli

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