COVID-19: homewards

We are turning for home today. Plan to spend tonight in Jugiong and then roll up the highway to Canberra on Sunday morning.

Despite the grim tide of suffering that is engulfing the world right now we have had a most excellent and uplifting trip.

Plenty of fresh fruit & veggies and Nespresso shots to keep body and soul in good shape.

But it seems like the right time to return home.

Kelly will soon return to work ( for those who don’t know, she is an advanced practice nurse), and I fear is about to face, along with nurses all over the country, some of the most challenging & difficult times in the history of our health system.

And although I thought I had well and truly flipped my own nurse switch OFF some time ago, I have a very uneasy feeling that my life as a nurse may still have an epilogue that is yet to be written.

These are indeed strange and uncharted days.

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4 responses to “COVID-19: homewards”

  1. You will know if it is right for you.


  2. 65,000 newly retired doctors and nurses have been contacted by the NHS…..,

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  3. Enjoyed your Trip Ian and Michelle……like you i am uneasy and fear i might have to dust off my ICU Cape ……heaven help us !!!!!!


  4. This could also mean we have the best cold and flu season and less gastro outbreaks 🙂


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